Business Energy Costs Are Rising

Utilities are one of the largest spends for many businesses, we can help reduce those costs

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Before you can accurately asses the offers made to you, you first need to familiarise yourself with the key features of commercial energy tariffs

The difference between consumer and business contracts

One of the most striking differences between domestic and business energy is the terms by which each set of customers are bound. Domestic customers can switch tariffs at any point during their contract, although they may be charged an early exit fee. On the other hand, as a business energy customer you won’t be able to change business energy suppliers until you’re within your renewal window. The renewal window typically comes into effect six months before the end of your current contract.

Another big difference is that while domestic customers can simply pick from a marketplace of defined energy tariffs, things are a little trickier for business energy customers. To change your company’s energy deal, you’ll need to approach each supplier individually for a bespoke quote. This gives businesses the advantage of securing deals that are tailored to their individual needs. The flip side is that this means it can be difficult to understand whether you’re being offered a competitive business energy deal or not. The best way to fully get to grips with the benefits and pitfalls of each deal is to compare them using an expert energy comparison site for business.

Do business energy tariffs offer a dual fuel option?

Business energy suppliers don’t package gas and electricity together. This means that you must get separate business energy quotes for each fuel and secure them under separate contracts.

How many Tonnes of Carbon is saved by Switching to a 100% Renewable Tariff?

The environment is becoming an increasingly topical subject as the damage humans do to the planet is understood. Change your energy supply to renewable energy is a great way to make a positive difference and reduce the impact your business has on the environment. See just how much carbon you can save by sending your bills in for a no obligation quote.


Types of business contracts currently available

Build your own call plans according to your business operating hours, and modify them quickly depending on your immediate business needs.

Manage your calls more efficiently when your premises are busy or closed, diverting them to another location or to mobile in an instant.

Queue incoming calls to a destination number in Gamma’s dedicated B2B network to assist with call handling during busy periods.

Provide employees with call routing management of their own DDI number, enabling them to choose and manage where and when they receive incoming calls.

Access advanced call statistics that show call handling efficiencies including productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour, enabling you to make informed business decisions.