Call Routing & Handling Solutions for Small Businesses & Sole Traders

So what can we do to help your business?

We have recognised that a huge number of businesses are facing the challenge of enabling their teams to work remotely in the face of the current Pandemic. With no known end to this pandemic we could be facing potential business disruption for anywhere between several months and over a year. In addition to teams working from home there is now the added complexity of school closures meaning availability of employees to answer calls in an uninterrupted environment may be limited. 

We have been supporting businesses nationwide to deploy remote working solutions for their teams. The main challenges for businesses in these uncertain times have been answered in the section below. Click on any of the titles to expand to see how we can or have helped businesses.

No problem we have experience in supplying remote working solutions and call answering services for nearly 20 years. We can take away this headache for you. We can advise on best practice, configuration of your existing systems or recommend technology to achieve your goals, provide intelligent call routing to match your available resource or offer a professional personalised call handling service.

We can help advise on whether or not your existing systems will facilitate remote working. If they won’t support remote working we’ve got you covered with our full range of solutions whatever your requirement.

No problem at all we can setup a personalised messaging service which can advise your customers on your current position and give them the option to leave a voicemail. If they do leave a message we can deliver this instantly to your email wherever you may be 24 hours a day. We can keep the recorded message up to date as your position / situation may change.

We can offer a full range of products and services to have you working remotely the same-day as if you were still in the office. We can ensure your calls are handled in-line with an agreed routing plan and delivered to the correct member of your team at the right time

No problem if you don’t have the staff available to answer your calls we can offer a fully personalised call handling service. We will agree a greeting and handling process unique to you and then action it. We have worked within outsourced environments for the last 20 years so all of our call handlers are fully trained professionals.

No problem at all the whole reason we are offering these services are to support businesses. If you just need cover for breaks & lunches, or even for 2 hours every third Wednesday we can build the solution that works for you.

Traditionally call handling has been seen as an expensive luxury, and to tell you the truth they were right. We are not offering this service as our primary revenue generator. We have introduced this service to allow us to continue to support businesses in our area with our existing skill sets, and because we believe that we can genuinely help other businesses through these tough times. Our services have been priced to cover the system that is chosen and/or the resource required to support your clients.

A lot of customers have chosen to outsource all of their operations to Moorlands as they must concentrate on their core business to ensure they not only survive through this pandemic but are in a better position when they exit. We can offer our services for as short or as long as you require them. We are currently in discussion to offer additional outbound lead generation and sales services for a number of clients.

In simple terms Yes! if we do not have the expertise in house to deliver the solution you are looking for we have a trusted network of third party organisations who will be able to link in with ourselves to complete the solution.

So many clients think of Moorlands Communications as part of their team. We do not want to be a supplier we want to become a trusted colleague. Whilst most services have minimum terms, limited services or they try to treat all calls exactly the same with their scripted robots we are definitely human beings and if your caller contacts your number and comes through to an agent they will deal with that caller to offer a unique caller experience.

Available Services

From only £20.00 Per Month we can welcome your callers with a personalised pre recorded message advising them of your current situation and then offering the ability to leave a voicemail. Voicemails will then be instantly delivered as an audio file to your email address. Pre recorded messages can be updated as your situation changes. 

From only £90.00 Per Month we can create a full auto attendant allowing callers to be directed to the most suitable team member. This allows increased capacity for your business and also means time of day and day of week rules can be applied to handle calls differently out of hours. This solution is ideal for businesses who still have their employees working and causes no impact to your customers. It also protects the personal details of your workforce. Answer calls on landlines or mobiles with no additional costs.

From only £175.00 Per Month we can answer all of your business calls branded as you. We can predetermine response to minimise disruption and also agree details required to be taken from caller to be passed on to your team. Customers will notice no difference when calling and we will pass on messages instantly to your designated contacts. We don’t have a minimum charge then additional hidden fees for if you exceed your call volumes. We agree on your estimated volumes and we will service your clients fully. We can even offer messaging support for out of hours delivered to you via email as a voice file.

From only £20.00 per user per month we can supply and configure a fully functioning phone system which will not only support your business working remotely but will also future proof your business when you reopen your business premises. This system offers your business a corporate level system at a fraction of the cost. We also include unlimited* calls to UK landlines and mobiles for all of your users. If you’d like to learn more about this system then take a look at our Hosted IP page.