Support for local businesses by a local business

Lots of businesses talk about “putting the customer first” and “going the extra mile” but what does that really mean when they’re probably 000’s of miles away and have never actually met you or understand your area. This is where we believe we can differentiate our offering.

Local Business

We only focus on the Staffordshire Moorlands and surrounding areas, this allows us to be available when you need us. For example, if you need a replacement SIM card, we could be there in under an hour and have you back up and running. Can the supplier in London offer that response?

40 Years Of Expertise

With over 40 years of expertise in supplying business communications we know we are best placed to give you the support you require, when you require it.

Supplier & Manufacturer Agnostic

As we hold relationships with many providers for all of our products, this allows to focus on the correct solution, not the only one we are able to offer. This sets us apart from many businesses out there who only negotiate with one or maybe two suppliers meaning they will have to recommend a solution which may not be the best for you.

Key Benefits

Contact Moorlands’ UK-based support team during business hours – we’re able to resolve any issue or fault quickly, often in a single phone call.

Benefit from a support infrastructure that is multi-skilled, meaning you always get through to the right person to handle your query.

Benefit from highly-trained UK-based customer service managers who are assigned to you for any escalations you may report.

Experience fast resolutions to any fault or provisioning issue thanks to our experts who are trained to provide ‘first time fixes’ and not leave you waiting.