Is Your Phone System Holding You Back Or Helping Your Business To Fly?

1. Communications are a critical enabler of success

Customer Expectation
Staying Competitive
By 2020, over 70% of UK organisations will have adopted flexible working.
75% of the workforce will be made up by the Millennial generation (born between 1982 and 2003) by 2025 
64% of employers expect their employees to be reachable outside of the office on their personal time.

2. The traditional PBX model was the norm and largely unquestioned


You buy the kit and install it in your office

Ongoing management

An employee has to manage it


You pay a third-party to maintain it


If you want more features, you pay for an upgrade

Outgrow it

If you outgrow it, you throw it away and buy a new one

Failures = Serious disruption

If you experience PBX failures, you experience serious business disruption

Traditional communications – the great divide between phone and IT systems:

Phone systems

Making and receiving phone calls

IT systems

Digital communications and information management

The fact that both systems are essentially concerned with communications was considered immaterial!

Today’s communications – the worlds of telecoms and IT have converged

Employees Are Mobile

Teams Are Virtual

IT Has Moved To The Cloud

The traditional on-premise phone system is no longer a match for modern businesses

3. There Is A Better Alternative

Cloud Communications offers a range of advantages over the outdated PBX

Free Up Time

Expand Your Opportunities

Reduce Your Risks

Ensure Seamless Experiences

Stay Ahead With The Latest Technology

Work Smarter, Anywhere

The longer you shackle your business

with an outdated phone system,

the more growth opportunities

you’re missing out on.