Connectivity Services Whatever Your Setup

Deploy Our Access services to optimise company connectivity.

Securing the right connectivity can be a logistical headache for any business that wants to respond more quickly to customer requests and adopt powerful cloud-based services.

From broadband to mobile, Moorlands provide connectivity solutions that offer fast, secure and reliable access, no matter your operational size. Critically, we ensure that you select the right combination of services to suit your specific business needs.


Unifying Provider

Benefit from an access package delivered by a single provider, removing the burden of monitoring and managing multiple suppliers.

Competitive Pricing

Source low risk solutions that increase productivity and lower costs so budgets are protected and your business remains competitive.

Bespoke Speeds

Ensure your connectivity is tailored to your business – from creative industries requiring high upload speeds to professional services counting on high download speeds.

One Payment

Pay one per-month price with flexible contracts that run from 1-5 years and are tailored to your business, not our bottom line.

Business Only Network

Be reassured that your connectivity solutions are provided and supported by a supplier that operates its own network and is 100% committed to UK business.

Which connectivity service is right for your business?


Source the right access solution for your needs including Broadband (ADSL 2+, FTTC, FTTC, FTTP) and Ethernet (EFM, FTTC Ethernet, 1G).

Leverage connectivity that suits your setup – whether fibre up to or into premises – with speeds from 40 meg up to one gig per second.

Secure fast access speeds with ‘five nines’ availability delivered via Service Level Agreements that specify performance.

Use Mobile Data to bring the same levels of connectivity and reliability that you experience in the office to mobile working.

Deploy Connect to provide employees with access to the tools and features they use in the office when they are off-site.